Don't Make the Spreadsheet Mistake

The Advantages of

Automating Complex Compensation



Your compensation plan isn’t just what

you pay your employees or how much you cover in health insurance. It’s the entire philosophy of what your business values while striving to hit short and long-term goals. The typical compensation plan is complete when it has a philosophy, strategy, guidelines for pay, policies and processes.

Bleary-eyed employees on your compensation team work over 60 hours per week preparing for the annual compensation cycle, pouring over the spreadsheets that track your compensation and rewards. Does this sound like your company? Thankfully, there is another option. It involves the practice of using secure, web-based, centralized compensation software to manage your company’s total compensation. This practice reduces errors, improves security and saves your organization time and money.

Every business is unique and has its own special needs and requirements when it comes to compensation management. But where all businesses are alike is their requisite for a compensation program that is managed accurately and without error. COMPOSE by Decusoft offers businesses a specialized compensation management software solution that simplifies the administration of complex variable pay programs including Merit, Bonus, and Short-term and Long-term incentives.

Service: The Missing Factor in HCM Software Satisfaction

Are you happy with the service provided to you by your

HR technology provider? A new study reveals that many people are not and suggests new approaches to customer service assessments from both current and future HCM software providers.

When evaluating HR technology, it’s common to focus on product functionality and features. However, research shows, it’s customer service— not product functionality—that often has the greatest impact on an organization’s long-term satisfaction and overall success with a provider.


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