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Compensation strategy to ensure you proactively manage your compensation plans, improve data integrity, mitigate risk, and save time, money and resources managing comp processes.


Episode 3

Bob Laurenzo talks to Rebecca Baker, VP of Client Development about the key things to consider when selecting a compensation vendor. This best practices podcast features tips on how to evaluate both your own program and the capabilities of your potential vendor. 


Key Topics:

Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Checklist

Referrals and references

Episode 2

Bob Laurenzo talks to Dan Moynihan, Partner in the Executive Pay & Governance Practice at Korn Ferry. Dan talks about an optimistic survey showcasing ways that businesses are overcoming challenges with Compensation; Executive pay cuts, Employee canceled or delayed bonuses, furloughs and lower raises as a result of COVID-19.


Other Key Topics:

Dan shares a use case

Using spreadsheets

Pros and Cons of a comp vendor vs an HCM

Episode 1

Bob Laurenzo talks to Roy Altman, CEO and Founder of PeopleServ and Managing Editor of IHRIM. Roy shares a use case, talks about using spreadsheets & the Pros and Cons of a comp vendor vs an HCM.


Other Key Topics:

Is your comp process strategic to your organization? 

Small vendors offer flexibility


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