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Has year end compensation planning left you with Post Traumatic Spreadsheet Disorder (PTSD)?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Managing your company’s compensation through spreadsheets is dangerous.

Drawbacks include:

1. Multiple Users – When more than one user can modify a spreadsheet, it increases the chance of error.

2. Version Control – How do you track which version is correct?

3. Calculation/Formula Errors – How can you be sure the calculations within a spreadsheet are accurate?

4. Lack of Auditability – How can you track who did what and when?

5. Security Risk – Risks of hacking don’t just happen in the office and Business Email Compromise is always a threat.

Managing sensitive and confidential compensation data including salaries, budgets, and commissions that are stored in disparate spreadsheets, accessible to multiple users, and shared via email, presents a huge security risk.

Are you aware that more than 90% of spreadsheets contain serious errors, yet more than 90% of users believe theirs are without error*?

Please read our e-Brief entitled “Don’t Make the Spreadsheet Mistake” and learn how to eliminate risk and securely automate your unique compensation processes with Compose – our award-winning compensation software.

Compose will allow you to reduce time, cost, and errors in compensation planning, administration, and management.


*Talking Technology – Spreadsheet Solutions”, ACCA, Published 11th Aug 2015

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