Decusoft COMPOSE: a convenient interface to access a powerful compensation software solution.

Decusoft gives you a streamlined interface for COMPOSE, our compensation management software. COMPOSE has long been recognized for its comprehensive functionality and flexibility, allowing organizations to easily administer even the most detailed compensation programs. Functionality, usability and a great interface have helped us take compensation administration to the next level.


Some of the convenience features of COMPOSE include:

A Comprehensive People View

A single page look at an employee’s current year data and history with recommendation functionality included as well.

Enhanced Workflow

Workflow approval integrated into the primary grid and people page, allowing for a single view of employee recommendations during the approval process.

Compensation History & Comparison Popup Window

A compensation grid pop-up allowing managers the ability to see up to 5 years of history while offering side-by-side employee comparisons in their view.


The ability for fully translated manager and administration views into an employee’s native language.

Enhanced Reporting & Analytics Capabilities

Expansion of the user selectable population filters and reporting options. This enhancement, along with the pivotable interface and powerful calculation engine, takes analysis within COMPOSE well beyond the traditional two-axis chart interface for determining trends and performing cost analysis across all compensation awards.


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