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Incentive Plans in the Post COVID-19 World

It is important to oversee your incentive compensation programs during this global healthcare crisis and making appropriate adjustments to account for COVID-19. With insights from compensation experts, your company can stay confident in incentivizing employees for their increased dedication where it’s necessary to maintain company stability. Get insights on how to design and adjust your business’s incentive plans to bring back the momentane you have lost over the last couple of months.

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Insights into Selecting Compensation Management Software

Incentive Compensation Series 

Part 1: Annual Incentives

Buying compensation software can be a tedious process. Having a well thought out requirements plan, and a dedicated core team will help ensure you select the right vendor! This webinar provides insights into the purchasing process, vendor research, software features/benefits, and the criticality of ongoing support/training post implementation.

Presented by: Steven Hall Jr., Managing Director, Steven Hall & Partners

In this session, Steven Hall Jr. will provide an update on the current state of annual incentive plans, including recent trends, policy changes among shareholder advisory groups and challenges compensation committees are facing, including goal setting, use of discretion and payout curves.

Presented by: Michael Sherry and Sandra Pace, Managing Directors, Steven Hall & Partners

In this session, Michael Sherry and Sandra Pace will review current long-term incentive trends and grant practices among the largest U.S. companies. We will discuss emerging and “best practice” long-term incentive plan design considerations, prevalence and mix of long-term vehicles granted, length of long-term incentive performance periods, use of relative performance measures, and an update on policy changes by shareholder advisory groups.

Incentive Compensation Series 

Part 2: Successful Long Term

Incentive Plan Design

Introduction to Executive Compensation: The Fundamentals

Presented by: Joseph Sorrentino and Steven Hall Jr., 

Managing Directors, Steven Hall & Partners

Are you new to the Executive Compensation management field? Do you want to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge necessary to establish Executive Compensation plans that will help to attract, motivate and retain the talent necessary to achieve your corporate objectives?

Join Joseph Sorrentino and Steven Hall for a review of the basic components of Executive Compensation Management.

Incentive Plans: A Roadmap to Success

Presented by: Sam Reeve, EVP of Consulting Services, Performensation

Are your Incentive plans helping you to attract talent and motivate your employees to achieve commonly shared business goals? Having the right plan at the right time is critical for continued success.

Join Sam Reeve to review a roadmap for designing variable pay programs that will help you optimize your employee experience, maximize business objectives, minimize administrative costs and enjoy long term success.


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