Key Benefits to Automating Compensation with Compose

  • Reduce time, cost and errors in compensation planning, administration and management

  • Enable audit and access controls for regulatory and compliance purposes

  • Real time data access for analytics, reporting and modeling/“what if” scenarios

  • Compose Business Rules Engine has proven to handle any degree of complexity with ease


"75% of HR execs regret their choice in HCM provider selection due to poor customer service, not UX, product functionality or even price!"
- Kelton Global Research 

What makes our Support and Services  unparalleled?

  • expert customer service from beginning to go-live with the same team that directly managed your implementation

  • rapid response times

  • we do not outsource any of your support service EVER

  • our professional services development, implementation and support teams are senior technologists with an average of 20+ years of experience in compensation management, HR practices and technology

  • instant access to top experts for any and all questions and issues that arise.

​Why is this important? It ensures continuity of service. It also means fewer headaches for you and significant savings in both time and resources. With this model, we’ve enjoyed customer satisfaction and retention rates of >90%. ​


A specialized compensation management software solution that administers Merit, Bonus, Short-term and Long-term incentive plans. COMPOSE provides the flexibility to address diverse, fluid requirements, with no limits on the number of approval structures, business rules, calculations, performance measure and configurable plans.


A cloud based solution, COMPOSE requires no installation or maintenance of hardware, software or middleware, while eliminating the cost and burden of managing underlying IT infrastructure and management operations.  Because of this, 75% of users report a decrease in time and resources required to plan, implement and manage their compensation processes when using COMPOSE.



The distributed application architecture of COMPOSE combined with Decusoft's private cloud infrastructure leverages virtualization and HA technologies to provide superior scalability and reliability. Today Decusoft supports over 200,000 employee populations and approximately 20,000 users. We maintain an uptime of 99.98 or better equating to minimal downtime.


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